Peek Speed Dating Policies & Rules Agreement

Ensuring Your Safety: At Peek Speed Dating, we prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants. Familiarizing yourself with our guidelines is essential as we prepare for engaging events.

Cancellation Protocol: While we empathize with unforeseen circumstances, cancellations are generally non-refundable. Though exceptions may be granted for genuine emergencies. To qualify for a refund (excluding the transaction fees), provide advance notice at least 72 hours before the event. Please note that last-minute cancellations will not be reimbursed.

No-Shows Policy: The success of our gatherings relies heavily on attendance. Failure to attend without prior notice disrupts the experience for all involved. Instances may result in being barred from future events. This policy may extend to abrupt departures.

Respectful Engagement: Interactions with fellow participants must be conducted with utmost respect and discretion. Sharing personal information or engaging in behavior that causes discomfort is strictly prohibited. Should you encounter any discomfort, please ask the host to assist.

Moderation Matters: In venues where alcoholic beverages are served, we urge participants to consume responsibly. Excessive drinking detracts from the enjoyment of the event for all attendees. Let us maintain an atmosphere of conviviality and professionalism. Behavior deemed disruptive by the venue or Peek may lead to expulsion from the event without eligibility for a refund.

Matching Made Easy: Rest assured, your privacy is paramount. Contact information remains confidential unless a mutual match is established. In such cases, we facilitate the exchange of contact details post-event. Phone Numbers/Email addresses shared with Peek Dating, should be expected to be shared with matches you indicated during dating events. Subsequent interactions fall beyond our scope.

Ticket Policy: Attendee’s are required to present identification upon arrival. Attendee Identification must match original ticket purchase. If a guest’s ticket does not match, Peek Dating reserves the right to deny access. Attendee’s seeking to transfer a ticket must do so with express permission from Peek Dating. A request to transfer a ticket may be sent to “[email protected]”.

Knowing Your Information: Non-personally identifiable information is collected by Peek, and by purchasing a ticket, you are consenting for Peek to share non-personally identifiable information with its partners. See Peek Dating’s privacy policy for more details on information collected.

Capturing the Moment: Your attendance signifies consent to the potential use of event media for promotional purposes.

DISCLAIMER OF RESPONSIBILITY: While Peek Speed Dating endeavors to create a secure environment, participants acknowledge the inherent risks associated with face-to-face interactions. We do not conduct background checks on attendees. Peek Speed Dating and its affiliates bear no responsibility for any damages or harm resulting from participation in our events, including interactions with other attendees, venue staff, or third parties.

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